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  • I have been a patient of Active Life for over 8 years, and still continue to be amazed at the skill level of the entire staff, and the commitment to recommend the appropriate therapies and exercises to help with healing. Over the course of time, I have experienced severe lower back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain in the legs, and Dr Schade and her staff got me walking again and back into sports. In addition, I have experienced repetitive injury in the neck and shoulders caused by too much computer work in an inside call center role, and Active Life was able to address this injury effectively. Most recently, I experienced a rotator cuff tear in the shoulder due to a sports accident, and Dr Schade recommended the Graston treatment to help restore the shoulder function. While still in process of this treatment, I have seen significant reduction in pain, and near normal mobility. I have worked with different chiropractors off an on for over 30 years, and can attest to the caring nature of Active Life's practice, and ability to make a real difference in their patients' lives. I highly recommend Dr Schade and her staff!
    William E.
  • Miracle workers – Dr. Schade and her staff are wonderful with a very holistic approach to healing- they'll treat all of you. I originally visited her back in the early 90's at their old location to treat some pain I was having and was very impressed. I recently came back approaching 40 with some debilitating back spasms and committed to more regular visits for a short time. The practice has grown and it is amazing. She's given me my life back! No more spasms, I'm running, rock climbing, biking again and- thank heavens- cooking (yes, even that was giving me spasms). I wish I had done myself a favor and visited her more frequently early on. My favorite treatment is Graston. I have had some chronic pain that I never thought I would be rid of it and it is totally gone. My whole life is truly better. An added benefit- I have never really liked floor work or indoor exercise but now religiously do the simple movements they taught me to strengthen my core and boy my abs are showing it. And it's so easy! Her staff made it fun. It's not like other dr's office where you are just sitting there in one place- you move from treatment to treatment and people are very friendly. Often, someone would look in on me and give a little massage if I were waiting anywhere. I, personally, like it. It's kind of like going to happy hour. If you are having pain you should go. The removal of the chronic pain I was in was worth it alone. If you do, I'll see you there!
  • I'm pretty sure Dr. Schade has healing powers. I came in this week with a bulging disc and had basically no range of motion and a lot of pain. She, along with the physical therapist, got me on the road to recovery right away. Within a few days, the recommendations they gave me had me feeling so much better. Each treatment is at active life is individualized, something I didn't experience elsewhere, and I like that they value physical therapy, massage, and yoga to compliment the chiropractic experience. I followed my massage therapist Kim Telles here with Acui Therapies. She is amazing as well. I've seen a lot or chiropractors and massage therapists over the years and both of the best are at active life chiropractic.
    Sunee C.
  • Great place! I was always weary of going to a chiropractor as I have heard so many horror stories of being "sold" and a "waste of time" that I lived with pain for nearly 10 years! Thanks to this group I am on my way to feeling better and for the first time in 10 years I actually have days without pain.
    Stephanie R.
  • Happy Trail Rider – I went to ALC with little hope of really getting well, I had been through a mirage of test and doctors. After one visit I was hopeful. I was AMAZED !!! I felt better than I had in over a year.I had almost given up trail riding. Now I'm back to riding my mules,working on the ranch and even put in a garden this week. The staff is professional & friendly. If your tired of being in pain ( it's depressing) don't wait any longer. I have heard back from people I referred and they are as delighted as I am. My pain is gone, my balance is back and I'm LIVING LIFE again, you can too !!! See ya on the trail
  • I was diagnosed with patellar subluxation and told physical therapy would be the best treatment. I couldn't lift my leg at the knee without excruciating pain. The physical therapist I was told to contact was just far too expensive so I looked around for other options. Thankfully I found Dr. Schade and the Active Life staff. They worked with me financially under my insurance plan, making my visits very affordable. My physical therapist Celeste (she's the best) gave me an array of exercises to perform under her supervision that have helped me tremendously. Along with getting Graston done as well as regular adjustments on each visit, I have been on the road to recovery and am able to bend my knee without pain. I can actually take the stairs up to my apartment now without laboring and holding on to the rail. I am very grateful for what the staff there has done from the front desk ladies to the medical staff. This place has become my 3rd home and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of this type of service.
    Mike O.
  • i have been getting treatment from Dr. Schade since 2000.  She and her staff have seen me through a bike accident, car accident, work injury, and other general aches and pains... the desk staff is helpful and professional, Victor is an encouraging and caring physical therapist, and the other associated staff have always been helpful.  i have respect and trust for the work done there, and i highly recommend Active Life Healing Center!

    Michelle L.
  • The tripartite approach of physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment, and massage therapy made a HUGE difference in my chronic back pain. While i was in the intensive program they start you off with, I would sometimes even go 20 or 30 minutes feeling no pain at all, which hasn't happened to me since...ever. I was really skeptical of chiropractic at first, but I'd tried doing just physical therapy and just massage therapy at different times (as well as yoga and trigger point injections), and nothing was even nearly as effective as the program here. I wish I could have afforded to do the intensive therapy for even longer! I still do my exercises regularly, but it's not as effective without the regular massage/adjustments. They do keep you on a program where you get a massage/adjustment once a month, and that's probably enough for most people, just, alas, not for me. Anyway, if you're in pain, I highly recommend Active Life.
    Lauren O.
  • If you are struggling with physical pain, look no further...Dr. Cynthia Schade has perfected a center for healing like no other. As a physician who has had the privilege of helping many patients over the years with chronic pain, I can't emphasize enough the key role of expert chiropractic care, especially when combined with active physical rehabilitation and healing massage. It's just hard to find--until now. After suffering with chronic pain for 23 years, I walked out of Dr. Schade's office after two treatment sessions pain-free and have remained so ever since. The combination of thorough evaluation, precision adjustment, active exercise, therapeutic massage, and modalities like the Graston approach which breaks up fibrous snarls of angry connective tissue, well, it's been the ticket to wellness for me. As an extra bonus, Dr. Schade utilizes state-of-the-art technology starting with her terrific online registration to user-friendly body location diagrams where clients can map their pain each visit. Her office staff is always courteous, friendly, and eager to help. This unique package of outstanding services keeps me coming back each week, braving Austin traffic all the way from Cedar Park to Dr. Schade's door. I'm delighted to refer friends, family, and patients in need to the Active Life Wellness & Healthcare's a healing place that makes your body a recovery space!
    Kimberly Arlinghaus
  • Walked in hunched over, walked out with hope! – When I came into ALC, I was hunched over with extreme (!!!) neck and back pain. To be honest, I was skeptical and a little fearful of chiropractic care - all the wrenching and jarring of the bones...and I was hyper-sensitive to touch. After the first visit, I had some real relief (I was upright and moving slowly) and the hope that all would get better soon. After about 4-5 visits, I was able to resume my everyday activities, and after about 10 visits, I was upright and able to move freely and rapidly. I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR EVERYONE AT ALC for both their expert skill and know-how to get me moving again soon, but even more for their constant kindness and professionalism. I was always welcomed with a compassionate smile and treated with kind hands and calming, up-to-date therapies. If you are a first-timer like I was, this is the place you want to be.
    K. Fouche
  • You gotta try this place!!! – From the first time I called for an appointment, Active Life Chiropractic has exceeded my expectations. I have been plagued with severe headaches for several years and have taken numerous medications with very little relief. When I called to make an appointment, I was greeted with friendliness and professionalism. I was able to see Dr. Schade the very same day. Dr. Schade was very encouraging and, at my request, gave me an adjustment at my first visit. When I left there I knew I had made a decision that would change my life for the better. I was right. Over the first several weeks, my condition improved dramatically. After almost three months, I continue to improve. I am now on a 'maintenance plan' where I go in once every three weeks for treatment. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. If you have chronic pain, you should give Active Life a call!
  • I've been going to Dr. Schade's “Active Life Healing Center” for over 20 years now, following her from the original house on 6th St. to her current Brodie Oaks location. This is one remarkable Healer who has always gotten me back on my feet despite my many injuries like whiplash, low back pain, muscle spasms, falls, scoliosis, pinched nerves… and now multiple sclerosis. She takes time to Listen to me, then offers a specific remedy that does the trick for that ailment. One of the modalities that especially helps me is the “Graston” method, which breaks up scar tissue damage. I don't know of any other Clinic doing this, but it is ever so powerful and deeply gratifying! Kudos to Dr. Schade for continuing her quest in seeking out the best, most innovative clinical techniques available. This kind of passion and dedication to both her profession and her clients is rare. It is a personal quality of hers I regard HIGHLY that keeps this Clinic heads and toes above all the rest.
    Cat Ballinger, LMSW