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Are you experiencing neck pain or shoulder pain? In the majority of cases, neck pain is triggered by whiplash as a result of an auto accident, a pulled muscle or bad posture.

Shoulder pain can often result from everyday, normal activities where you’re lifting your arms above your head repeatedly. You could be throwing the ball around in the yard with your kids or doing home decorating projects like painting a new room. In rare instances, tumors or degenerative diseases may be diagnosed as the underlying reason for pain.

Shoulder pain is often the result of sport injuries. The shoulder mobile joint of the ball and socket may be strained from overuse, overexertion, dislocation, fracture or a pinched nerve.

At Austin Active Life Health and Wellness Center, we identify the pain source and customize a course of treatment to bring you shoulder and neck pain relief.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Solutions for Austin, Texas:

  • Complete neck & shoulder pain history as well as x-rays
  • Analysis of pain history, exam findings & imaging studies
  • Chiropractic alignment
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Referral for MRI and CT scans as needed

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    • Dr. Schade and her team... what they have done to help heal me is fantastic! Three weeks ago I went to Active Life barely able to turn my neck and I had been having horrible lower back pain - causing me to miss work and basically want to lay around the apartment feeling depressed and miserable - which is very unlike me - I am normally pretty active. We have been working on what we found out was my twisted sacrum (causing the lower back to do all sorts of nasty things) and my neck alignment issues. Today I went in for an adjustment and told Dr. Schade that she should take a video of me dancing for advertisement - because I felt like I could dance again! I then showed her some of my sweet dance moves and laughed, thinking people could be amazed AND amused all at the same time :D Thanks Dr. Schade, Dr. Cole in rehab, and all of you at Active Life. I can dance again.
      Leslie Stevenson
    • Don't know how I lived with out them! – Totally Awesome. I had sciatic pain and muscle pain in my neck/upper back. Now, I feel terrific! I didn't know I could feel this great! I also didnt know I had a choice between manual adjustment (the back popping I'm familiar with) or the instruments, and Dr. Schade told me to communicate with them on my preference. Super sweet staff, geniunely concerned with your well being. Respectful, very important when someone is rubbing your bare butt with their hands. I don't like to think about how my body felt Pre-Active Life. I am a new woman! I can't believe I had almost reseigned myself to a life with pain, and that I could have missed out on how wonderful my body feels.
    • Somewhere Over the Rainbow... – I am 53 yrs young with a long history of bad posture but very active nonetheless. The years took their toll on my body and it became more painful to run and exercise as I got older. Even sitting in front of a computer was not comfortable. I had chronic back and neck pain. I went to many chiropractors over the last ten years. All did chiro adjustments in different ways and alleviated my pain, BUT none have made nearly the difference that Active Life has made in my life. I had read about the Graston technique from other sources and thought it would be beneficial for me and found that this clinic practiced this procedure. However, much to my amazement they also offered SO MUCH MORE! This clinic has a complete team of the finest professionals I have ever encountered, from the front desk to massage and physical therapy, and chiropractic. You walk away with so much more than chiro adjustments. This clinic is committed to your healing and health and has the most knowledgeable team that will provide whatever it takes to make that happen. In the three months that I have been going there, my posture and spine have made tremendous significant improvements from the physical therapy exercises, deep massage body work, chiro adjustments, Graston and other therapies. There is absolutely no reason for folks to accept growing old with aches and pains, when there are professionals committed to making bodies the best they can be at any age! Thank you Active Life for making me the best that I can be!
      Diana L.
    • I have been a patient of Active Life for over 8 years, and still continue to be amazed at the skill level of the entire staff, and the commitment to recommend the appropriate therapies and exercises to help with healing. Over the course of time, I have experienced severe lower back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain in the legs, and Dr Schade and her staff got me walking again and back into sports. In addition, I have experienced repetitive injury in the neck and shoulders caused by too much computer work in an inside call center role, and Active Life was able to address this injury effectively. Most recently, I experienced a rotator cuff tear in the shoulder due to a sports accident, and Dr Schade recommended the Graston treatment to help restore the shoulder function. While still in process of this treatment, I have seen significant reduction in pain, and near normal mobility. I have worked with different chiropractors off an on for over 30 years, and can attest to the caring nature of Active Life's practice, and ability to make a real difference in their patients' lives. I highly recommend Dr Schade and her staff!
      William E.
    • I first went to Active Life Healing Center in 2010 because one arm was going numb. I followed their plan for me and like them so well I recommended my husband go to them as well for neck problems he was having. We both received great care and my arm has not been numb since that time. Then this past summer I began to have different problems, sore joints, and my feet hurt so badly there were days I didn't want to walk. I felt awful. Also I had Frozen Shoulder which was the reason I went to them, not knowing that they could help me with all of those other things as well. What I've found is that not only is my Frozen Shoulder condition greatly improving, but those other problems are going away as well. What I like best about the care I receive is the variety things they can do to help: excellent physical therapy, massage, and different chiropractic methods. Chiropractic care is always gentle (which matters to me). I have mostly worked with Dr. Schade, but care has been given by Dr. Laura and Dr. Kelley as well. Everyone offers caring expertise. As far as payment goes, they work with my insurance company, and offer different ways to pay, making it easy and very affordable compared to other chiropractors I've worked with in the past. The front office is professional and friendly as well. I just follow their advice and stick with the plan. I am so grateful to Active Life Healing Center for helping me feel good again!
      Sylvia C.
    • I've loved my time with Active Life Chiropractic. The staff are always pleasant, warm, friendly, and helpful. My issues weren't severe by any means, though years of bad habits and computer use had resulted in bad posture and lower back pain and pain between my shoulders. They started me immediately and, within a few weeks, the pain had gone away. The most telling moment came a month ago when a stranger asked me if I was a Marine because I was standing so well. No joke. Apparently I've made some progress! All thanks to Active Life...

      Heydn E.
    • The therapists are so knowledgeable...and I really liked the open flow of the place.  I liked the 3-front approach of massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.  I have gone to chiropractors before that adjusted you and sent you on your way...and a day later everything was exactly the same.  I went in with a pinched nerve in my neck and after a couple months of treatment, I was feeling better than ever.  After the physical therapy and MRT, I realized that I actually had a neck.  I still do the excersies that Kim gave me to do almost every day...and my posture is dramatically improved. You definitely feel cared about here.
      Debbie M.
    • It's hard to find words to express how grateful I am for Active Life Healing Center. Dr. Schade is a true professional, as kind as she is skilled. The mobility in my neck has gone from almost non-existent to extremely flexible. X-rays show the improvement is dramatic and real. Everyone at Active Life is top-notch, from the awesome front desk Nicole to the amazing physical therapists like Alex and Dr. Cole.  Life-changing. Good people. Good place. Go!
      Jeff S.
    • My first set of visits to Active Life was about a year ago, when I had pain and tightness along my left side (hips through torso), and right sided shoulder pain. I was seeking a Graston practitioner, having heard a lot about the technique. At my second visit there, Dr Shade was able to start Graston work on me, and right away found the areas that were causing me pain, enabling me to walk properly again. Over the course of several visits, we were able to fix most of my issues. I'm back at Active life now, getting adjustments for neck & shoulder pain. One day after Dr Schade's adjustments, I have full range of motion in my shoulder again, and the pain down my bicep has lessened considerably. [She gets 90% credit. 10% credit goes to the stuffed penguin my son tucked in the crook of my neck to suck the pain away :-P ] I have *tons* of chronic and degenerative pain issues, and I've probably tried everything a few times over out of desperation, and Dr Schade is one of the few who has helped me recover each time I've walked in with pain.
      Meera A.