Enhanced Rehab Program

Enhanced Rehab Program

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Dr. Schade here from Active Life Healing Center and I just want to tell you some great news and share what's coming up this Summer that you won't want to miss!

For all you active people that want to stay active and pain-free, we are bringing in a tennis pro to help us out this summer.


Why bring in a tennis pro?

Well, he's not just ANY tennis pro, he's also a chiropractor that will be bringing in specialized exercises into our rehab program.


How does this benefit you?

If YOU still have ANY lingering issues or some residual discomfort, or if your posture is still not perfect and you want to improve it, then now's the time to schedule a one-on-one session with myself and our new rehab personnel.

Our rehab program has always been great for building spinal stabilizers as well as helping people change their posture. Now that we've integrated these new specialized rehabilitation protocols, it will only make our previous protocols even better and give you VERY specific exercises based on any lingering problems or postural distortions.


Do you have a traction unit collecting dust?

Also, if you have ever received one of our Traction units (either a Posture Pro OR a Denneroll) and it's just sitting around gathering dust, this is the perfect time to bring it in! We'll take time out to make sure you know how to use it exactly right and also how to combine it with these new exercises (they only take 15 minutes a day) to help maintain a lifetime of optimal spinal health.


These Summer sessions are extremely limited and will book fast!

As I mentioned earlier, these one-on-one sessions with both the tennis pro and myself can only be scheduled by emailing me directly at drschade@activelifechiroclinic.com OR by requesting it while you're here in the office.

You CANNOT call and schedule them as I have to personally evaluate your situation to make sure you're truly a good candidate for this program.