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When combined with gentle, advanced chiropractic care, Graston can truly help relieve your stubborn and persistent pain!

The Graston Technique…funny name, isn’t it?

The problems it’s used to treat aren’t funny, though, especially if they are happening to you. Chronic pain from soft tissue injuries, scar tissue, carpal tunnel, back pain, and other health concerns are often successfully treated with the Graston Technique.

This technique has even reversed problems once believed to be permanent conditions.

The Graston Technique® is a revolutionary form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that allows clinicians to successfully break down fascial limitations and scar tissue.

What’s that mean to you?

It means there is hope that you may be able to rid yourself of pain and regain your former flexibility.

Scarring is a natural part of healing after an injury or surgery, but the problem with scar tissue is it’s very different from normal tissue. It’s not as elastic and tends to draw together. This decreases the amount of motion available in it.

It also damages the fascia, the system of tiny white microtubules filled with fluid that covers every cell inside the body. It actually makes up about 80% of what is normally called muscle. It’s a strong, fibrous tissue that is capable of exerting up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch when it tightens or binds up. No wonder it causes so much pain when it’s damaged! Because fascia has normally been treated just like regular, muscle traditional treatments such as stretching, exercise, and drugs have been ineffective.

Graston is Different...

The Graston Technique, a potentially life changing chiropractic technique, takes a new direction in treating this tissue. Aided by the use of specially designed patented stainless steel tools, this method treats the fascia itself rather than just the joints and muscles.

Conditions that may be negatively affected by damage to the fascia include back and neck pain, foot pain, wrist pain, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, shin splints, golfer’s elbow, scar tissue, and others.

The Graston technique has helped many people who suffer from these conditions find pain relief and regain mobility, even those who have never been able to be treated successfully before.

Here are some of the benefits of the Graston Technique:

  • Less rehabilitation time and speedier recovery from injuries
  • Improves both chronic and acute conditions
  • Lessens the need for anti-inflammatory drugs
  • The Graston Technique has been gaining in popularity and is now used by several professional sports organizations like the NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. It’s also now being practised at leading hospitals and major universities.

    We're one of the few places in this area
    offering this innovative healing technique!

    Even if you have given up on finding a cure for your chronic pain, call the Active Life Healing Center and Chiropractic Clinic for a free consultation and see if the Graston Technique could be the effective treatment you’ve been hoping to discover.

    We’ve seen amazing results with numerous visitors to the center and would love to also help you become pain free and mobile again.

    Active Life accepts most insurance and will create a care plan personalized just for you. Don’t give up.

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    You're in Gentle, Healing Hands at Active Life Chiropractic Clinic in Austin...

    • I've been going to Dr. Schade's “Active Life Healing Center” for over 20 years now, following her from the original house on 6th St. to her current Brodie Oaks location. This is one remarkable Healer who has always gotten me back on my feet despite my many injuries like whiplash, low back pain, muscle spasms, falls, scoliosis, pinched nerves… and now multiple sclerosis. She takes time to Listen to me, then offers a specific remedy that does the trick for that ailment. One of the modalities that especially helps me is the “Graston” method, which breaks up scar tissue damage. I don't know of any other Clinic doing this, but it is ever so powerful and deeply gratifying! Kudos to Dr. Schade for continuing her quest in seeking out the best, most innovative clinical techniques available. This kind of passion and dedication to both her profession and her clients is rare. It is a personal quality of hers I regard HIGHLY that keeps this Clinic heads and toes above all the rest.
      Cat Ballinger, LMSW
    • Somewhere Over the Rainbow... – I am 53 yrs young with a long history of bad posture but very active nonetheless. The years took their toll on my body and it became more painful to run and exercise as I got older. Even sitting in front of a computer was not comfortable. I had chronic back and neck pain. I went to many chiropractors over the last ten years. All did chiro adjustments in different ways and alleviated my pain, BUT none have made nearly the difference that Active Life has made in my life. I had read about the Graston technique from other sources and thought it would be beneficial for me and found that this clinic practiced this procedure. However, much to my amazement they also offered SO MUCH MORE! This clinic has a complete team of the finest professionals I have ever encountered, from the front desk to massage and physical therapy, and chiropractic. You walk away with so much more than chiro adjustments. This clinic is committed to your healing and health and has the most knowledgeable team that will provide whatever it takes to make that happen. In the three months that I have been going there, my posture and spine have made tremendous significant improvements from the physical therapy exercises, deep massage body work, chiro adjustments, Graston and other therapies. There is absolutely no reason for folks to accept growing old with aches and pains, when there are professionals committed to making bodies the best they can be at any age! Thank you Active Life for making me the best that I can be!
      Diana L.
    • Thank you Active Life! – I am a 52 year-old child psychologist. I ruptured my right achilles tendon playing basketball with the neighor kids 5 1/2 years ago. I've had almost constant pain ever since due to complications that caused an unusual amount of scar tissue. I've been in physical therapy three times for a total of 12+ months; had a lot of deep tissue massage; and acupuncture. These interventions have helped temporarily but the pain comes back and makes it hard for me to work at a desk or drive. Two orthopedics have told me my only remaining option is more surgery but they are not optimistic about outcome. I learned about the Graston Technique from a magazine article. I live in San Antonio, and Active Life Chiropractic Clinic in Austin was the closest provider of that treatment. I've made the drive from San Antonio to Austin for 8 Graston sessions. I had immediate improvement in pain reduction after the first session and it has been sustained. I have almost no pain and stiffness now and I'm optimistic I'll continue to see improvement.. I used to take a lot of ibuprofen and naproxen and now I don't need it. I am very grateful to Dr. Schade for improving my qualty of life. She and her staff really care about helping people feel and live better. I am very glad I learned about the Graston Technique and found Active Life Chiropractic Clinic. I have recommended both to several coworkers, family and friends.
      Geoff G
    • Chiropractic works. It's been around since the late 1800's. The challenge is to find the RIGHT chiropractor. I have been treated by nearly countless Chiropractors over the years. (Many amazing and, unfortunately, quite a few NOT so good. In fact, pretty awful--from questionable skills to used car slime financial & scheduling approaches.) I have worked in several chiropractic offices--from front desk, to teaching yoga therapy & providing deep tissue body work. I was married to one of the best chiropractors on the planet.  Point is, I can save you a lot of headaches & stress--two of the VERY reasons you may seek chiropractic care! I have been searching for the right chiropractor in Austin, Texas for 7 years. I have recently found a whole HIVE!! I say hive because the whole place is positively BUZZING with good vibes and healing activity!(one of my requirements for the RIGHT office is that everybody from the front desk to the back is positive & caring.) Excuse the metaphor mix, but I hit the JACKPOT at Active Life Chiropractic Clinic. There are several chiropractors at Active Life, offering a unique, diverse, customized & effective chiropractic experience. You can choose one, or as I do, one for each of my multiple personalities! I am also extremely impressed and satisfied with all the various physical therapies such as massage (relaxing to deep), Graston (my FAVORITE new discovery to erase scar tissue & pain--look it up!)& ART (active release technique). The friendly, positive & skilled therapists also guide you through a personalized series of stretches & strengthening exercises to speed your progress & keep you on track at home. My only complaint is that I never get to sit and wait in the welcoming waiting room ;) The minute you walk in, you are whisked to the back where the magic happens.  Muscles stretched and massaged, scar tissue melted away, bones adjusted, vertebrae aligned & nerve pressure and pain relieved...I emerge into a more relaxed world of vivid colors and brighter attitude, ready and more able to create, move freely & enjoy life! Give yourself or someone you love this lasting GIFT--ok, go ahead, insert cheesy orchestrated elevator music here--the gift of health. But, in this case, this is not a paid commercial. It's a true testimony from a very picky & demanding patient that has truly found a place of healing. Treat yourself to a series of chiropractic adjustments at Active Life Chiropractic in South Austin. It will adjust your attitude, too!!
      Jake J.
    • Learning How to Heal – I do believe Dr. Schade and her fabulous team have helped me learn how to heal, the right way! Dr. Schade really helps to make sure the right treatments are done each time. The excellent physical therapy team teaches strengthening, correct posture and stretching to help heal and prevent injury recurrences. The massages have been the best I've ever received. I was able to experience Graston treatments on my knees. The Graston treatments have made the most amazing improvement in what I thought was osteoarthritis, but in fact, seems to be scar tissue buildup. Chris has helped smooth out the tissue and in just two weeks I've got a very hopeful outlook with regard to my future activity. It's wonderful to be able to move without pain!
    • Dr. Schade and her team are wonderful in every way. I have been going to her for three years. I was in constant pain and she has rescued my back and my body. When I was having trouble with plantar fasciitis the graston technique worked wonders to heal my foot. I love how the new office is working with the designated treatment areas. Now the flow of patients has been established and waiting time is at a minimum. I highly recommend her and her practice.
      Kelley W.
    • My first set of visits to Active Life was about a year ago, when I had pain and tightness along my left side (hips through torso), and right sided shoulder pain. I was seeking a Graston practitioner, having heard a lot about the technique. At my second visit there, Dr Shade was able to start Graston work on me, and right away found the areas that were causing me pain, enabling me to walk properly again. Over the course of several visits, we were able to fix most of my issues. I'm back at Active life now, getting adjustments for neck & shoulder pain. One day after Dr Schade's adjustments, I have full range of motion in my shoulder again, and the pain down my bicep has lessened considerably. [She gets 90% credit. 10% credit goes to the stuffed penguin my son tucked in the crook of my neck to suck the pain away :-P ] I have *tons* of chronic and degenerative pain issues, and I've probably tried everything a few times over out of desperation, and Dr Schade is one of the few who has helped me recover each time I've walked in with pain.
      Meera A.
    • In addition to receiving outstanding chiropractic care from Dr. Schade [and team], I have undergone the clinic's Graston treatment on an old knee injury and have had tremendously positive results. I highly recommend this clinic and the excellent staff.
      Michelle Auwae-Lapilio
    • I was diagnosed with patellar subluxation and told physical therapy would be the best treatment. I couldn't lift my leg at the knee without excruciating pain. The physical therapist I was told to contact was just far too expensive so I looked around for other options. Thankfully I found Dr. Schade and the Active Life staff. They worked with me financially under my insurance plan, making my visits very affordable. My physical therapist Celeste (she's the best) gave me an array of exercises to perform under her supervision that have helped me tremendously. Along with getting Graston done as well as regular adjustments on each visit, I have been on the road to recovery and am able to bend my knee without pain. I can actually take the stairs up to my apartment now without laboring and holding on to the rail. I am very grateful for what the staff there has done from the front desk ladies to the medical staff. This place has become my 3rd home and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of this type of service.
      Mike O.
    • I've been going to Cynthia Schade's clinic for 11 years or so, getting excellent care for everything from tweaks to twangs. As a carpenter and construction worker I can get pretty torqued out, so it isn't always a simple matter of getting cracked up, in a good way I mean. Active Life combines a variety of methods, so the treatment fits. As a guitarist I have problems with "tennis elbow", which the carpentry work makes worse. Active Life uses Graston technique to eliminate crusty adhesions in the muscles, such as scar tissue or repeat stress gnarls. All this to say these folks do an excellent job of taking care of issues with the tissues. Thank you Active Life!
      Norm Ballinger
    • I first went to Active Life about 10 yrs ago. Since that time, I have been to them for various treatments ranging from chiropractic to scar tissue removal on my left leg. The entire staff is very warm and courteous and I've always come out with great results. Now that I have 'Kung Fu' elbows I just made an appointment with them again. :)
      Paul Davis
    • I had great experience with Dr. Schade and Active Life Healing Center. I went because my elbow was killing me. I could not even shake hands with people. Dr. Schade is an expert on soft tissue and body mechanics. It turns out that the origin of a lot of my issues were in my neck and my forward head position. Funny...but when it comes to the body, sometimes one problem leads to another. Until you go see someone that understands how to diagnosis the root cause you will never really be healed. I truly feel Dr. Schade knows what she is doing. She started with x-rays and clearly showed me the issues. She prescribed physical rehab and an advanced soft tissue therapy (Graston technique). In about 2-3 months I my elbow is great. In fact, my whole body is reshaped. I would not let anyone else touch me but her. I personally drove almost 40 minutes each way just to see her. I trust her that much. You will be impressed by her, her staff and all the equipment in their facility. The whole place is impressive.
      Ted Schulte
    • Miracle workers – Dr. Schade and her staff are wonderful with a very holistic approach to healing- they'll treat all of you. I originally visited her back in the early 90's at their old location to treat some pain I was having and was very impressed. I recently came back approaching 40 with some debilitating back spasms and committed to more regular visits for a short time. The practice has grown and it is amazing. She's given me my life back! No more spasms, I'm running, rock climbing, biking again and- thank heavens- cooking (yes, even that was giving me spasms). I wish I had done myself a favor and visited her more frequently early on. My favorite treatment is Graston. I have had some chronic pain that I never thought I would be rid of it and it is totally gone. My whole life is truly better. An added benefit- I have never really liked floor work or indoor exercise but now religiously do the simple movements they taught me to strengthen my core and boy my abs are showing it. And it's so easy! Her staff made it fun. It's not like other dr's office where you are just sitting there in one place- you move from treatment to treatment and people are very friendly. Often, someone would look in on me and give a little massage if I were waiting anywhere. I, personally, like it. It's kind of like going to happy hour. If you are having pain you should go. The removal of the chronic pain I was in was worth it alone. If you do, I'll see you there!
    • I have been a patient of Active Life for over 8 years, and still continue to be amazed at the skill level of the entire staff, and the commitment to recommend the appropriate therapies and exercises to help with healing. Over the course of time, I have experienced severe lower back, hip, and sciatic nerve pain in the legs, and Dr Schade and her staff got me walking again and back into sports. In addition, I have experienced repetitive injury in the neck and shoulders caused by too much computer work in an inside call center role, and Active Life was able to address this injury effectively. Most recently, I experienced a rotator cuff tear in the shoulder due to a sports accident, and Dr Schade recommended the Graston treatment to help restore the shoulder function. While still in process of this treatment, I have seen significant reduction in pain, and near normal mobility. I have worked with different chiropractors off an on for over 30 years, and can attest to the caring nature of Active Life's practice, and ability to make a real difference in their patients' lives. I highly recommend Dr Schade and her staff!
      William E.