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CANDIDA: Combating Yeast Infections
in your body is one of our many specialities!

Do you have brain fog, sluggishness, chronic yeast infections, or skin breakouts? Do you suffer from binge eating, frequent urinary tract infections, or frequent mood swings? Candida or yeast infections are often not diagnosed through conventional medical tests.

Treatment Options:

  • Accurate blood testing to diagnose Candida
  • Recommendations for a Candida-free diet
  • Natural Candida herbal treatments

  • Your immune system is supposed to keep your body’s level of candida in check by producing healthy probiotic bacteria. However, many traditional medicines such as antibiotics can reduce the number of healthy bacteria in your body. An imbalance results in yeast infection candida that can manifest as a skin infection or vaginal yeast infection.

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    • Best Chiropractor in Austin – I have been going to Active Life Chiropractic Clinic for 5 weeks now. I came in with GI problems that I have suffered with every day since I was 19. I am 33 now. I assumed I would be doing the food sensitivity testing and the vitamin deficiency testing. To my surprise Dr. Schade recommended chiropractic adjustments as well. She told me she thought she could help me feel better. Now 5 weeks later I can tell you she was right. Within days of my first adjustment my GI problems stopped. I feel normal for the first time in 14 years. Dr. Schade, Rachel, Chris, Levi, Jenifer, Michael, and the rest of the staff at Active Life are more then nice and more then professional. I always feel better after an appointment then before. I highly recommend Active Life to anyone in need.